About Us


We are family business. Our factory and cold storage are situated in the very heart of Serbia. We produce and pack at source, ensuring optimal quality and cost effective vertical integration.

We process fruit and vegetables for a variety of customers: retail chains/private labels, industrial customers, food service industry and agri-food industrial producers. We apply and support clean label production.

With production capacities of 30 tones per day of  deep freezing of fruit and vegetables, with up to 21 tones per day of packing  and up to 40 tones per day of hot processing products we are more than competitive and reliable to answer demands of the market.

Our fruit and vegetables are cultivated at altitude of 600 m to 1100 m above sea level.

Growing areas of our fruit and vegetables have optimal climate and number of sunny days which are necessery  for perfect ripening and ultimate taste. We carefully supervise and manage production and harvest of fruit and vegetables from field to the final product.

300 farmers are governed by our quality control in order to maintain the highest quality of fruit and vegetables.


We guarantee the quality of our fruit and vegetables as we buy the best and finest fruit and vegetable varieties which are grown and hand picked in the diameter of 50 km from our processing plant. This ensures that everything will be frozen or processed within 2-10 hours after it is harvested. Carefully chosen location of our factory garantees that fruit and vegetables preserve their best and highest quality, thanks to such short time of transportation and handling of them.

We choose the best producers and make sure they comply with our specifications in terms of food safety and its quality, while at the same time we follow environmental standards and protect the nature.

We have a strict quality control as we inspect thoroughly each and every fruit and vegetable, because only the best items can offer best quality.

Our products are a perfect blend of trustworthy traditional recepies and modern trends in the world of gastronomy. We keep pace with this evolutive science, while at the same time we create new tastes and follow the ever-changing taste of our customers.


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