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First, fruit and vegetables are carefully washed, classified, and then IQF frozen to maintain all their organoleptic properties

Method of quick freezing ensures  fastest and best possible freezing of fruit and vegetables, while at the same time all nutritional values are preserved.

Fruit and vegetables are harvested when they are perfectly ripe, and then quickly deep frozen  so that they  maintain their shape.

Frozen fruit and vegetables preserve the vitamins for longer thanks to the technology of fast freezing. In most cases, deep-frozen fruit has a higher nutritional value than the fresh fruit that we find in stores and  that  ripened artificially while they were stored and transported to the stores.  Working with extremely cold temperatures eliminates  the risk of forming dangerous microorganisms in the process, ensuring thus a longer shelf life with the expiration date of 24 months.


Our fruit purees are available as  single strenght or concentrated, with or without added sugar.
Brix of purees is constant and accurate. They are GMO-free and have no preservatives, additives or thickening agents.


Our coulis, tasty and vibrantly colorful, will give that final touch of perfection to your desserts. Packed in squeezable plastic bottles they are easy to use thanks to its pouring spout  which is designed for your precise dosage.  You can decorate your desserts or use it as a topping for ice cream or sorbets.

With its smooth texture,  no added flavors, gelling and thickening agents we create a perfect finish for the perfect look and taste of almost any dessert. They contain no  preservatives.


made of red berries or in any other combination, classical or original and new.


Through the proces  of concentration, pasteurization  and packing of fruit and vegetables,  altering of  the organoleptic qualities is avoided, while at the same time  nutritional values are preserved, alongside keeping their natural colour and their full taste.

– JAMS AND JELLIES  come in a  variety of tastes, with different level of added sugar, depending on the market demand. We guarantee fresh, fruity, natural taste and perfect smooth structure.


Toppings can  contain whole pieces of fruit in a low viscous sauce. Glazes are in the form of gel, with variable percentage of added water . Sauces contain whole pieces of fruit, and syrups have exellent color and thickness.

-THERMOSTABLE FRUIT FILLINGS   for  baking industry. They maintain  shape and colour after baked at temperatures ranging from 170°C to 200°C for up to 20 minutes, while at the same time fruit structure and juiciness is maintained.

–  NON – THERMOSTABLE FRUIT PREPARATIONS for  filling after the baking.

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